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Santa Clara University is located 46 miles south of San Francisco, near the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, in the middle of Silicon Valley, one of the nation's great concentrations of high technology industry. We enjoy a moderate Mediterranean climate, with an average maximum temperature of 71°F and an average minimum temperature of 42°F The sun shines about 293 days per year, with an average annual rainfall of approximately 15 inches.

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Link to Prentice-Hall website for "Learning to Program with Alice"Objectives:
  • To learn Alice, a software programming environment that utilizes 3-D visualization methods, as a medium to create a high-level of interest in computer graphics, animation, and storytelling among students,
  • To collaboratively develop curricula that can be integrated into high school and middle school programs, and
  • To establish a community of faculty to provide continuing support during the academic year.

Part of a national collaboration among St. Joseph's University, Colorado School of Mines, Ithaca College, Santa Clara University, Duke University, and the Virginia Beach School System.

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Generously supported by the National Science Foundation under award ESI-0624479, "An innovative approach for attracting students to computing: A comprehensive proposal", and hosted by the Computer Engineering Department of Santa Clara University. For more information, please contact: Dan Lewis (Email: dlewis @ scu.edu) 408-554-4449

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