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Dr. Daniel W. Lewis
Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Daniel W. Lewis
Dr. Lewis' efforts led to the creation of the Computer Engineering department in 1988, where he has served as Chair until January of 2007. During his tenure, Lewis established unique co-op and study abroad options that fit within the normal undergraduate four-year plan, certificate programs for working professionals, and a cross-disciplinary minor in Information Technology and Society that has become one of the most popular minors on campus.

Prior to joining the University in 1975, Lewis worked for six years at General Electric’s Aerospace Division where he designed a fault-tolerant clocking system for one of the first triple-redundant automatic landing systems for commercial aircraft. He has consulted for a number of Bay Area companies, including the Singer-Link Company, where his design of new algorithms and a corresponding modular array of VLSI circuits became the basis of a new product line of real-time computer graphics systems.

Lewis is author of the book, “Fundamentals of Embedded Software”, which won national recognition in the 2003 Alpha Sigma Nu book competition. Lewis serves on the advisory board for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology, and previously on the Parent Teacher Advisory Committee on Technology for The Harker School.

(Full CV is here.)
Systems and network applications
Embedded software
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S., Syracuse University
Engineer's Degree, Syracuse University
Ph.D., Syracuse University
­Dr. Lewis will be on leave during the Winter and Spring terms of 2007.
Please contact the department's administrative assistant at 554-6805 to schedule an appointment.
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