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Program of Studies - Computer Engineering MS

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1. Approved Transfer Credit:


2. Foundation Courses: Mark the courses the student is required to take.

Yes No COEN 20(Assembly Language)         Yes No AMTH 210 (Probability)
Yes No COEN 21(Logic Design)                   Yes No AMTH 240 (Discrete Math)
Yes No COEN 70 (Data Structure)

One of the following:

AMTH 106 (Differential Equations)
AMTH 220/221 (Numerical Analysis I/II)
AMTH 245/246 (Linear Algebra I/II)

A course in Advanced programming or a years experience in the field
Advanced Programming:       Waived/Completed

3. Core Course: Mark the courses the student is required to take.

Yes No COEN 210 Yes No COEN 279 Yes No COEN 283

4. *SCU Graduate Core Requirements (min. 6 units), 1 course from each area:

Emerging Topics in Engineering:

Engineering and Business/Entrepreneurship:

Engineering and Society:

*See Chapter 3 of the graduate bulletin for approved courses or the Graduate Engineering - Core.
**Please refer to the graduate bulletin for additional requirement options for track or the Department of Computer Engineering website.

List track core courses and additional courses totaling 45 units
(must include at least 8 units of courses with course number greater than 300):


5. Total number of units from SCU

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