Senior design project ideas

1. Securing Peer-to-peer Communications

Instant messaging and other peer-to-peer communications mechanisms are a problem from a security viewpoint.  P2P means there is no gateway or server to filter communications between parties; thus, there is no way to block malicious or unwanted traffic.  In P2P networks, malware spreads in different ways from traditional networks.

References: Symantec papers on peer-to-peer

2.  Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are necessary to the conduct of e-commerce.  However, cookies can be considered an invasion of privacy and sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, can be left in insecure places.  Research this problem and then implement a program for managing cookies on a Windows platform.  For ideas, see "cookie crusher", (, "cookie cruncher" (, and "cookie pal" ( and others.  You will probably need ASP and ActiveX to manipulate the cookies.


3. Mail-in Rebate Processing

Create a database and server that collects and compiles data extracted from specific fields of a corporation's Retail Point of Sales (POS) Servers (like those at retailers such as Fry's Electronics or CompUSA).  A server will periodically upload data from already specified fields collected within the corporate POS Server. This data will be processed and compared against all current mail-in rebates being offered through the retail distributor.  The extracted data, from the retailer, will subsequently be processed and uploaded to the manufacturer for payment.