Dr. Ling's SCU Video Coding Research Team

Dr. Nam Ling, IEEE Fellow

Sanfilippo Family Professor (University Endowed Chair)

Chair, Department of Computer Engineering

Research Collaborator

Dr. Li Song

Associate Professor (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), formerly Visiting Associate Professor (Santa Clara University)

Dr. Jianhua Zheng

Researcher at Hisilicon/Huawei

Dr. Philipp Zhang

Chief Scientist, Hisilicon/Huawei

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Project (Collaboration with Huawei/Hisilicon Technologies):

Zhouye Gu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
News: Setting the Standard for Video Coding

Ph.D. students:

Guichun Li

Research Topic: Intra Prediction

Publication/patent/standard record: 3 conference publication; 6 U.S. patents filed (regular)

passed PhD Prelim Exam and Oral Comprehensive Exam

Miok Kim

Research assistant

Research Topic: Motion Estimation and Mode Decision in HEVC and 3D-HEVC

passed PhD Prelim

Publication record: 4 conference publications

Promila Agarwal

Packard Fellowship Recipient

Research Topic: View Synthesis in 3D-HEVC

passed PhD Prelim

Xiang Li

Research Topic: 3D-HEVC

Publication/patent/standard record: 3 conference publications; 1 U.S. patent granted

passed PhD Prelim Exam

Myung-Je Cho

Research Topic: 3D-HEVC

Rajesh Turlapati

passed PhD Prelim

Sylvia N'guessan

Research Topic: Human Attention Region of Interest

Publication record: 1 conference publication

passed PhD Prelim Exam and Oral Comprehensive Exam

Research Topic in Video Coding not yet defined:

Ph.D. students:

Thanh Do

3-D Graphics and Visualization:

Undergraduate research students graduated:

John Judnich

Awards received:
(1) Honorable Mention - CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award 2013;
(2) SCU 2013 Exemplary Pathway Essay Award;
(3) SCU 2013 Award for Research Excellence in Undergraduate Engineering;
(4) SCU 2013 Computer Engineering Outstanding Senior Award;
(5) SCU 2013 Computer Engineering Award for Technical Excellence;
(6) SCU 2013 Engineering Senior Design Presentation Award


Current employer: Lytro Inc.

Publication record: 2 conference publications

Record: Developed games on iPhone and iPad, sold more than 3,000 games.

Ph.D. Students Graduated:

Dr. Nien-Tsu (Eric) Wang

Dissertation title: Processing and Storage Models for MPEG-2 Main Level and High Level Video Decoding A Block-Level Pipeline Approach

Date graduated: March 2004

Publication Record (as of January 2008): 4 Journal Publications, 3 Conference Publications

Current employer: Quantenna Communications


Dr. Gunnar Hovden

Dissertation title: Generation of Optimized Facial Animation Parameters

Date graduated: December 2003

Publication Record (as of January 2008): 1 Journal Publication, 5 Conference Publications (1 Best Paper Award)


Dr. Xiaoquan (Bill) Yi

Dissertation title: Simplified and Fast Full-Pel and Sub-Pel Motion Estimation for Video Coding

Date graduated: December 2005

Publication Record (as of January 2011): 2 Internaional Standards, 8 Journal Publications, 12 Conference Publications


Dr. Minqiang Jiang

Dissertation title: Adaptive Rate Control for Advanced Video Coding

Date graduated: March 2006

Publication Record (as of January 2008): 4 Journal Publications, 6 Conference Publications


Dr. Fengling (Helen) Li

Dissertation title: Improved Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) for Scalable Video Coding

Date graduated: December 2006

Publication Record (as of January 2008): 2 Journal Publications, 7 Conference Publications

Current employer: Fenwick & West LLP.


Dr. Maria Pantoja

Dissertation title: An Efficient IPB-Picture Transcoder with Joint Pixel and Transform Domain Processing

Date graduated: September 2009

Publication Record (as of December 2013): 3 Journal Publications, 6 Conference Publications

Current employer: Santa Clara University


Dr. Jun Zhang

Dissertation title: Context Adaptive Rate-Distortion Optimization in Video Coding

Date graduated: June 2010

Publication Record (as of June 2010): 2 international standards, 2 journal publications, and 4 conference publications

Current employer: Vercury Inc.