My current research interests lie in two distinct areas. One is the impact of information technologies on organizations, particularly high-technology industries. The other area combines a long-time interest in human-computer interaction and computer-based education systems with more recent interests in multimedia and the World Wide Web (along with 90% of the rest of the people in the world!).

IT and Organizations

This work is being conducted with Barry Posner and Pete DeLisi. The three of us combine backgrounds in management research, sales and marketing, managing an IT organization, and consulting. We have begun investigating the relationship between Chief Executive Officers and Chief Information Officers (or other senior IT executives): the factors that influence the success of that relationship, the expectations of performance by both partners in that relationship, and the effect of that relationship and information technology on the success of the organization. We are initially concentrating on high-technology firms.

Our work has so far led to several professional development programs offered through the Information Technology Leadership Program of the Leavey School of Business Executive Development Center, a couple of published papers, and a working paper.


Curriculum Enrichment through WWW Courseware

This work was initiated with Fuyau Lin and Sherry Herrgott, and continued with Sally Wood. A changing collection of graduate and undergraduate students was also involved in the work.

We created a laboratory for the development and delivery of multimedia courseware, with support through an equipment grant from Hewlett-Packard Corporation and a grant from the Santa Clara University Technology Steering Committee. The courseware provides supplemental enrichment experiences for Freshman-level engineering courses (Coen 6, Elen 10, Engr 1) and a survey course on digital technologies aimed at a broad cross-section of non-engineering students (Coen 1). In this work we were particularly interested in the impact of both discrete (text, graphics, animation) and continuous (audio and video) media, and on using different media in combinations suited for various learning styles to allow each student to most effectively gain the knowledge she needs.

Some relevant papers are:

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