AquaSift - A rapid, affordable, low-power point-of-care water monitoring system

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The Project

This project entails a rapid, affordable, low-power point-of-care monitoring device to detect arsenic and nitrates in water. It consists of an electrochemical sensor combined with a mobile interface that analyzes water on the spot and takes a few minutes to show the level of contamination in a water sample.

The Team

Faculty members

  • Prof. Unyoung (Ashley) Kim, Bioengineering
  • Prof. Shoba Krishnan, Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. Silvia Figueira, Computer Engineering


Current Students:
  • Lillian Tatka, BIOE
  • Jessica VanderGiessen, BIOE
  • Gaby Vazquez, BIOE
  • Claire Schueppert, BIOE
  • Nicholas Mikstas, EE
  • Tanner Malkoff, EE
  • Sambhavi Raghuraman, CSE
  • Rachana Deolikar, CSE
Past Students:
  • Nic Domek, BIOE
  • Ben Demaree, BIOE
  • Kyle Perricone, BIOE
  • Mary Reynolds, BIOE
  • Allie Sibole, BIOE
  • John Barth, EE
  • John Seubert, CSE
  • Anthony Clemetson, CSE and EE
  • Brandon Young, EE and CS
  • Jasper Tan, EE and CSE
  • Prajakta Patil, CSE
  • Danny Beyers, CSE


Some Pictures

Jessica VanderGiessen, BIOE, took our device to check water contamination in West Bengal, India.
More pictures!

Jessica VanderGiessen, Jasper Tan, and Brandon Young in the BIOE lab.