COEN 317 Distributed Computing
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Distributed Computing

Course Description

Common problems in distributed systems and the algorithms to solve them. Distributed garbage collection; process synchronization; leader election and mutual exclusion; distributed transactions and concurrency control; data consistency and replication; quorums and agreement problems; fault tolerance in distributed systems. This course will be more algorithm and theory oriented than COEN 235 or COEN 236. (4 units)

Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

Federal Holidays

Because of student demand, classes will be canceled on federal holidays (M.L. King day and president's day). Class time will be made up with an additional 12 minute module, which will be devoted to explore code for distributed systems in Python.


Honor's Code

The School of Engineering Honor's Code applies to this class. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not know whether what you are planning to do is O.K. and you cannot reach me in time, go ahead, but tell.


To request academic accommodations for a disability, students must contact Disability Resources located in The Drahmann Center in Benson, room 214, (408) 554-4111; TTY (408) 554-5445. Students must provide documentation of a disability to Disability Resources prior to receiving accommodations.

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