COEN 152 Computer Forensics
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Computer Forensics

Procedures for identification, preservation, and extraction of electronic evidence. Auditing and investigation of network and host system intrusions, analysis and documentation of information gathered, and preparation of expert testimonial evidence. Forensic tools and resources for system administrators and information system security officers. Ethics, law, policy, and standards concerning digital evidence. (4 units + 1 unit Lab)


School Holidays

This quarter, two Mondays will be "administrative holidays", but not academic holidays. We will have class. Otherwise, we would have to schedule a make-up class.

Recording of Lectures

Recording of lectures for personnel use is permited. Please respect the semi-sensitive nature of some case descriptions and do not pass them on.

Handicapped Access Policy

The usual SCU policies apply for necessary or desirable accomodations. The burden is on the student to inform the instructor of any reasons to adjust teaching and policies to particular circumstances in a timely manner.

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