COEN 196/296 Artificial Intelligence for Gaming
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Artificial Intelligence for Gaming

Course objectives: Students will learn how to design, program, and analyze artificial intelligence methods appropriate to a game’s design and have fun doing so.

Prerequisite: Programming capability in a language / platform that allows simple graphic animations (see below). Python tkinter is the recommended choice for its reasonable quality with limited programming effort, but serious gamers might want to use a graphics package such as Open GL. The instructor will provide a basic GUI animation.

Expected learning outcomes:
• Understanding of the issues and role of AI in the design of games
• Capability of programming autonomous movement of avatars
• Capability of designing and using path planning
• Capability of designing and implementing decision making and coordinating action based on finite states, fuzzy sets, Markov sets, or rules.
• Capability of understanding tactical and strategic AI.

Final: Thursday 7:10 - 9:00 pm Engineering Center 326

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