COEN 166 / 266
Course Goals: Students will be able to
  • understand the motivation, potential, and limitations of Artificial Intelligence
  • be cognizant of some of the current research questions
  • understand and be able to implement and use algorithms for search, satisfactions, games, logical reasoning, and learning
Instructor:Thomas J. E. Schwarz, S.J.
Text Book:Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd edition, Stuart J. Russel and Peter Norvig, 2009.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Intelligent Agents
  3. Problem Solving
    1. Solving Problems by Searching
    2. Informed Search and Exploration
    3. Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    4. Adversarial Search
  4. Knowledge and Reasoning
  5. Neural Networks

Course grade will be based on the following:

3 small projects (10% each)

Group quizzes (15%)

Individual quizzes (5%)

midterm (25%)

final (25%)

Course Policies:The School of Engineering Honor's Code applies. Group work needs to be explicitly approved. Even if group work is approved, all the work needs to be handed in by all the individuals claiming credit for the work. Due credit needs to be given to contributions from another person.
Deadlines: All projects need to be demonstrated Wednesday of Final's Week at the latest, though earlier demonstration is recommended.
Disability Accomodation Procedure: To request academic accommodations for a disability, students must contact Disabilities Resources located on the second floor of Benson. Phone numbers are (408) 554-4111; TTY (408)554-5445. Students must register and provide documentation of a disability to Disabilities Resources prior to receiving academic accommodations.


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