COEN 350
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes are exactly that: notes by the lecturer for the lecture. These notes are not publications and are not meant to replace the lectures. There purpose is to allow students a quick reference of the material covered for the purpose of preparing for class.

Introduction Introduction Introduction (Pres.)
Authorization Authorization (Pres.)
Overview of Cryptography Introduction to Cryptography Cryptography (Pres.)
Cryptography Security
One Way Functions
Secret Key Cryptography
Public Key Cryptography
Message Authentication Codes
Zero Knowledge Proofs
Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Authentication Authentication Authentication
Handshake Protocols Handshake Protocols (Power Point Presentation)
Strong Password Protocols Strong Passwords
Hacking Hacking (Power Point Presentation)
Protocols I Kerberos Kerberos, Needham Schroeder Presentation
Public Key Infrastructure PKI Presentation
Network Intrusion Defense Defense in Depths
Firewalls Defense in Depth / Firewalls Presentation  
Communication Security Virtual Private Networks  
IPSec Communication Security
Protocols II Electronic Mail Security Electronic Mail Security
E-Commerce Issues Electronic Commerce Issues Electronic Commerce Issues
Mobile Computing Security Issues in Mobile Computing

Wireless Security

Wireless Authentication


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