COEN 350 Spring 2006
Project Proposals

  1. DES Cracker: Build a software implementation of DES encoding for a 64b block. Then try to find a key that transforms the zero block into the block 0xabbaabba. Hint: You can spped the cracker up by avoiding the initial and final permutation.
    Your grade does not depend on actually finding the key.
  2. XOR-Code: Encryption by XORing with a one-time pad is proven to be cryptographically absolutely secure. However, if we reuse the pad, then we make the encryption vulnerable. Worse, we could XOR with a short repeating key. For this project, you basically develop a number of tools that allow you to quickly crack this encryption scheme. If you choose this project, you will be provided a lengthy XOR-encrypted text to decypher. (See Bruce Schneier: Applied Cryptography.)
    To do this project, decipher the challenge.txt file.
  3. Lamport's Hash implements one-time passwords. Implement Lamport's hash without the messaging.
  4. Create procedures that implement the calculations of the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. You need to figure out or read up on how to best do exponentiation using a large prime. You can take p to be a known large prime. The number g does not really need to be a generating element, as long as the set of powers of g is large.
  5. Implement from scratch a program that does port scans of another computer. (Port scans could be illegal or inethical if executed without permission by the owner of the scanned machine.)
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