COEN 350 Spring 2006
Course Contents:
  1. Introduction:       Networking Overview, Attack Taxonomy, Layers and Cryptography, Authorization, Notion of Control Zone, Key Escrow Issues, Multilevel Model of Security
  2. Overview of Cryptography
    1. Overview
    2. Secret Key Cryptography
    3. Secure Hashes
    4. Public Key Algorithms
  3. Authentication Systems
    1. Overview
    2. Authentication of People
    3. Security Handshake Pitfalls
    4. Strong Password Protocols
  4. Kerberos
  5. Public Key Infrastructure
  6. Real Time Communication Security
  7. IPSec
  8. SSL
  9. Electronic Mail
  10. Pretty Good Privacy
  11. Firewalls
  12. Web Issues
  13. Mobile Computing
Instructor: Thomas Schwarz, S.J.

The software project needs to be related to the contents of the course. Examples are the implementation of an encryption routine (e.g. SHA1), a password tester, etc. Minimum length about 500 lines of code or 15 hours of work. Pick something fun. For some ideas see the projects page.

Demonstration due before beginning of finals' week.

Paper Report:

Select an academic paper related to the course and write a synopsis of the paper. Questions you should implicitly answer are: “What is the problem addressed?” “What is the contribution of the paper?” “How do the author(s) prove their point?” “What are there methods?” Most academic papers contain an introduction which answers these questions, so in a sense you are to write an extended introduction. Imagine that you are writing this paper for a computer engineer, not necessarily an expert in network security, who needs to decide whether this paper is worth reading. The article should be determined jointly by student and instructor. The lecture notes contain some possibilities. Other possibilities are the ACM digital library, the IEEE Computer Society digital library, and Citeseer. As students at SCU you have access to the digital libraries through the Orradre library.

Due day of final.

Grading: Project: 15%, Paper Report: 15%, Homework: 15%, Final: 55%.
Text Book: Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Specimer: Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall.
For supplementary literature see additional sources page.
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