COEN 44 Applied Programming in C: Syllabus
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Computer programming in C, including input/output, selection structures, loops, iterative solutions, function definition and invocation, macros, pointers, memory allocation, and top-down design. Programming of elementary mathematical operations. Applications to engineering problems. Prerequisite: MATH 13. Co-requisite: COEN 44L. (4 units)

Core Curriculum Pathways

This course is associated with The Digital Age pathway. If you declare a pathway in this area you may use a representative piece of work in this course in the pathway portfolio that you will complete during your senior year. Recommendation: Please keep electronic copies of your work.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students will develop an
1. Ability to develop a software program in C from a high-level description of an algorithm, including basic searching, sorting, and series approximations.
2. Ability to select and use appropriate program control features such as simple and compound conditionals, selection structures, determinant and indeterminant loops, and functional decomposition to design and implement C programs.
3. Ability to select and use appropriate data types and structures such as pointers, signed and unsigned integers of various sizes, single and double precision floating point, and aggregate data types such as arrays and structures.
4. Ability to recognize and manage the range and resolution limitations imposed by fixed precision representations.
5. Ability to apply debugging and testing skills to build robust programs
6. Ability to document effectively using comments, indentation and style conventions.
7. Ability to discuss and communicate problem requirements and possible solutions.


Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Tentative Class Schedule

1/10Constants, Variables, Data Types, IO
1/15 Constants, Variables, Data Types, IO, functions
1/17 Library functions, top-down design, functions with and without arguments
1/22 Control structures, conditional expressions
1/24 Control structures, conditional expressions
1/29 Control structures
1/31 First midterm
2/5 Functions, parameter passing, scopes
2/7 Functions, parameter passing, scopes
2/12 Data types for numbers, characters, enumerated data types, iterative approximations
2/14 Data types for numbers, characters, enumerated data types, iterative approximations
2/19 Arrays
2/21 Searching, sorting
2/26 Multidimensional arrays, strings
2/28 2nd midterm
3/5 Conversion rules
3/7 File processing
3/12 Dynamic memory allocation
3/14 Dynamic memory allocation
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