COEN 150 Spring 2007
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Introduction to Information Assurance

Overview of information assurance. Legal and ethical issues surrounding security and privacy. How malware works and secure encoding techniques. Java security. Security in wireless networks. Other related topics. Prerequisite: COEN 177 or COEN 146. (4 units)

This course is part of the SCU Information Assurance curriculum which was recently certified by the Committee on National Systems Security of the National Security Agency as meeting the standards of the National INFOSEC Education and Training Program.

4011 Certificate Requirements

BSCE: AMTH 387, COEN 250; 12 units from COEN 150, 178, 152/252, 253, 350, 351; and approved senior design project.
MSCE: AMTH 387, COEN 250, 252, 253, 351 and either COEN 350, 254, or 352.

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