COEN 180
Homework 2

Due April 14, 2003

1. Performance Evaluation

Jim Gray's paper on windows performance includes a program that measures disk write throughput by appending a file. Download and run the program that you can find under research interests and IO Studies of Windows 2000 or directly here. Run the program on two different machines and report the average throughput for each category. Report your result by describing the disk (as best as you can tell) or alternatively the system, including the age.
Go through the paper / code and report how the numbers are being calculated.

2. Total Costs of Ownership.

You are working as an external consultant to plan a solution for the storage needs of the Institute of Jesuit Sources, a small research and publication house. The storage needs arise from a new grant allowing the transcription of historical texts. The data accrues initially at a rate of 100 GB and supposed to double in three years. In addition, the institute needs to store 200 GB worth of digital picture data (expected to double every other year). The institute employs five full-time research staff that need access to all the data, but at a very low rate. The staff employs a network of windows machines that are upgraded soon (so that you can change the specs of the machines).

For each of the following approaches, estimate the initial acquisition costs and the total costs of ownership excluding systems administration for the next 10 years. (There are certain factors that you cannot price, as for example the place needs to store the media. There are also a number of assumptions that you need to make, which you need to state explicitly.) Describe the obvious advantages and disadvantages of each approach and comment on sustainability in the future.

  1. Store all the data on CD-W. All new PCs will be equipped with a CD burner.
  2. Store all the data on DVD-W. All new PCs will be equipped with a DVD burner.
  3. Store all data on ZIP floppies. All new PCs will be equipped with ZIP drives.
  4. Store all data on floppies.
  5. Equip all PCs with a second hard drive. All the PCs are already networked and the second drive will be accessible to all reasearchers over the network. One PC will have a tape backup, which the institute director will use to back-up all drives in the evening and store in the institute's library.
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