COEN 180
Course Goal: Students will be able to understand the functioning of memory and storage in modern computers. They will understand the technological trends and their impact on the design and use of computer systems. They will continue to learn how to read and evaluate research articles and express themselves in writing. They will continue to gain programming experience.
Instructor:Thomas J. E. Schwarz, S.J. Email: Tel.: 551-6064. Office: 220 Bannon Engineering.
  1. Memory Hierarchy, Caching, Temporal and Spatial Locality of Data.
  2. Solid State Memories: SRAM, SDRAM, Flash.
  3. Error Correcting Coding Fundamentals.
  4. Optical Storage.
  5. Magnetic Storage: Physics of Magnetic Recording, Read-Write Channel, Magnetic Heads, Magnetic Recording Media, Error Causes Disk Arrays (RAID, Mirroring).
  6. Storage Interface and Buses: SCSI, USB, IDE, Firewire.
  7. Network Attached Storage
  8. Economics and Effects of Technological Innovation (in the storage field).
Evaluation:Course grade will be based on the following:
Two midterms (2*20%), Final (40%), Homework (5%), 2 Paper Reports (2*5%), Programming Project (5%).
The paper reports are a 4 page (10 ft, single spacing, Times Roman) long report on a current or influential research paper in the area of storage. A list of suggestions will be posted. The report should explain the motivation for the work done, the nature of the work, an overview of the work, and the significance of the work done. The programming project is a cache simulator evaluated on synthetic data.
Course Policies:The School of Engineering Honor's Code applies. Group work needs to be explicitly approved. Even if group work is approved, all the work needs to be handed in by all the individuals claiming credit for the work. Due credit needs to be given to contributions from another person.
Deadlines:April 28, 2003: First Paper Report due.
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