AMTH 377 | COEN 279 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Fall Quarter, 2016
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Lecture Handouts

*All the handouts (except the first three) are abstracted from the textbook and references listed in syllabus

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Programming Requirements
09/20 Computational Complexity
09/22 Randomized Algorithms
09/27 Divide-and-conquer Algorithms
09/29 Divide-and-conquer Algorithms
10/04 Tree Algorithms
10/06 Tree Algorithms
10/11 Dynamic Programming Algorithms
10/13 Dynamic Programming Algorithms
10/18 Greedy Algorithm
10/20 mid-term exam
10/25 Greedy Algorithms
10/27 Amortized Analysis
11/01 Graph Algorithms
11/03 Graph Algorithms
11/08 Graph Algorithms
11/10 Graph Algorithms
11/15 NP-complete
11/17 NP-complete
11/22 holiday - no class
11/24 holiday - no class
11/29 Approximation Algorithms
12/01 final exam
12/06 Summary

Term Project

Term Project Requirements

Programming Assignments

Programming Assignment #1 due 10/13
Programming Assignment #2 due 11/01
Programming Assignment #3 due 11/17

Homework/bonus Assignments

Bonus Assignment #1 (or Programming Assignment #0)
Bonus Assignment #2
Bonus Assignment #3
Bonus Assignment #4 due 10/04
Bonus Assignment #5 due 10/11
Bonus Assignment #6 due 10/18
Bonus Assignment #7 due 10/25
Bonus Assignment #8 due 11/01
Bonus Assignment #9 due 11/08
Bonus Assignment #10 due 11/15
Bonus Assignment #11 due 11/19


Prerequisite Screening Examination
Midterm Examination
Old Midterm Examination
Final Examination
Old Final Examination

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