ARM Assembly for Embedded Applications, 5th ed.

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Dr. Daniel W. Lewis
Professor Emeritus
Computer Science & Engineering
Santa Clara University
Note: This text and supporting materials were developed for a sophomore-level introductory course on assembly language programming, presented within the context of embedded applications. Although most embedded applications are now written in a high-level language, they typically run on inexpensive processors that offer limited performance and functionality. For example, many do not offer floating-point instructions or (in some cases) divide or multiply instructions. For that reason, embedded applications often require that time-critical portions be implemented as functions written in assembly and called from a main program written in a language like C. This text follows that approach, presenting a number of techniques for writing time-efficient code in assembly. The accompanying programming labs provide experience applying these techniques to the implementation of entertaining and informative applications, with many that measure and report the number of processor clock cycles required to execute the assembly language functions or that demonstrate specific optimization techniques.

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