SCU Internet of Things Research Lab

We research and develop novel IoT technologies and applications. The ever-increasing importance of IoT is supported by increase in the number of connected devices, the use of wireless communication for networking, advances in low-power mobile computation, machine learning and data analytics, and sensing technologies on small devices.

We focus on application domains such as medical monitoring, industrial process control and automation, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, energy saving mechanisms, and structural health monitoring, just to mention a few. Due to the significant impact of these applications on quality of life and sustainable development, our goal is to identify the design and development challenges of Internet of Things/Cyber-Physical Systems/Wireless Sensor Networks from the networking, processing, and security point of views.

Research Areas


— Networking Technologies, Standards and Protocols for Internet of Things (IoT)


— Security Protocols and Architectures for
Internet of Things (IoT)

Software-Defined Networking

— Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and 
Software-Defined Wireless Networks for IoT

Fog Computing

— Edge and Fog Computing through SDN-based Resource Allocation, Virtualization, and Enhancing Machine Learning on Resource-Constraint Devices

Embedded Systems

— Design and Interfacing of
Embedded Systems, Interfacing Sensors,
and Power Measurement

Evaluation and Modeling

— Empirical, Simulation-based, and Theoretical Performance Evaluation of IoT Systems

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining SIOTLAB, please email your resume/CV to bdezfouli [at] scu [dot] edu

We thank the following companies/organizations for funding/equipment donation to our lab

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